Along with your business card, a brochure is one the most important marketing tools. Your business card introduces you as an individual and your brochure introduces your company and what your have to offer. The look and feel of the brochure is every bit as important as the content. The design should reflect who you are and make an impact on your potential clients. It is your opportunity to create a lasting impression. Make it positive.
We can assist you in creating almost any custom brochure no matter the size, fold, or finish using our state of the art Xerox digital printing press for short runs and very fast turnaround time or our highest quality Heidelberg offset press. Brochures can be standard or custom sizes, with many folds and finishes available, including die cutting, foil stamping, embossing and custom folds. The amount of information that you will include determines the brochure size best suited for your business. There are five standard brochure sizes — which you can combine with five popular types of paper folds.
Standard Brochure Sizes
8.5 x 5.5  -   8.5 x 11  -   8.5 x 14  -   11 x 17  -    11 x 25.5
Standard Brochure Folds
Two-panel (half fold), Three-panel (Z-fold, Tri-Fold) and Four Panel (Accordian Fold, Roll Fold). Custom folds are also available.
Brochure Holders
Need a holder or display for your brochures? Contact us to learn more about the many options available


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